The Green is now open, please see recent post and read Covid Guidelines below

All games/rollups should be booked in advance by either booking online through our website on the Rink Booking page or contacting Dick Holden or Florence Ward between the hours of 10:00 am to 6:00pm. Do not turn up to play without a confirmed booking.

We will book rinks in 2 hour sessions multiples and leave a 10 min gap between sessions to allow people time to leave the ground immediately after the game has finished and for others to enter.

The green can be booked in sessions from 10:00am to 8:00pm. On a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday the green will not be open in the morning whilst the green keeping staff carry out maintenance and cutting the grass,

All players not from the same household should observe social distancing rules of 2 metres at all times.

When booking rinks please note Guidelines from Bowls England state that for singles and pairs games you can play on rinks next to each other, but for Rinks and Triples there has to be one dead rink between each team.

Colours will be set by Greenkeepers only and should not be changed. Greenkeepers will change colours and turn rinks around weekly.

Maximum of 32 players within the grounds at any time, no spectators are allowed. Players waiting to play next session should wait in the car park until previous players have left the ground.

The clubhouse will be closed except for access to Toilets and washroom facilities. Only 1 person can enter at a time.

People should bring their own sanitiser, as we cannot guarantee supply of same. We also recommend the use of Gloves when handling any apparatus including door entry handles, toilets, padlocks etc. We will try to have some disposable gloves, and paper towels (in toilets) to dry your hands but you should not rely upon this so please bring your own where possible, as our stocks are limited.

People should take all their rubbish back to their household for disposal, this would include the paper towels, disposable gloves, drinks etc. Note bins outside have been removed.

Please use QR readers to check in if you have NHS Covid 19 App on your phone. These are on the front entrance door.

Playing formats and Guidelines

Individuals can play in groups up to 6 people eg triples, pairs or singles

Members of 2 households on a single rink.

Members can use the following

Mats (1 player sets the mat for the whole game), Jacks (1 person only sets Jack at both ends using two jacks.) Gloves recommended for handling non personal items, use personal score cards, bowling arms, their own Bowls.


Normal rules apply for locking and unlocking the club. I.e. you unset the alarm when you arrive if using the toilets and set alarm when you leave unless someone has agreed to do this for you E.G. next players if they are there.

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