BDBA President’s Day

After an absence of nearly 2 years the BDBA President’s Day returns on Saturday 24th July with a 2.30pm start.

This is an annual event between the President’s club which this year is Malcolm Henderson and clubs from the BDBA.

Before the match starts there will be a spider. The money from this event will go towards my chosen charity, which this year is Diabetes UK.

Following the match there will be a 3 course meal, (Main, Dessert and Cheeseboard plus coffee/tea). Cost £7.50

There will be a raffle and prizes/donations would be greatly appreciated.

All in all this is one of the highlights of the BDBA season.

I am looking for 6 triples and ladies and gents are cordially invited to put their names down.

The availability sheet will be on the outside notice board from today.

Dress code is Greys, club shirts.

Malcolm Henderson

BDBA President


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