Extra End Victory in Hants & Berks Cup

Another match against Oakley went to the wire. Early on the opposition were as many as 20 shots ahead but at the end of the 21 ends everything was all square. The rink of Derek Ham, Ken Ward, Ian Urquhart and Adam White finished 19-18 up. That left Social needing 5 shots from the last ends of the other two rinks.

Dave Atwell, who was playing with Geoff Topp, Gary Johnson and Gordon Summerhill managed to trail the jack with his final wood to get 4 and lose 22-23. The rink of Reece Graham, Gary M Johnson, John Kellow and Mark Fyfield were holding one which they managed to hold on to to go to extra ends. 13-13.

All 3 rinks had to play. Oakley won toss and gave us the jack. Mark who was last to finish was first to complete the extra ends getting a 4 shot advantage, having held 6 with 5 woods still to play. Adam’s rink held the opposition to losing just 1 shot, which left Dave to secure victory by getting another shot.

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