Extra End again in Hants & Berks – 18th July

Social played Basingstoke Town today.

The first rink to finish were Dick Holden, Marc Gorman, Ian Urquhart and John Kellow who lost by 1 shot.

Dave Atwell with Geoff Topp, Gary Johnson and Gordon Summerhill succeed to win 20 – 17 giving us a five shot advantage.

The rink of Reece Graham, Derek Ham, Gary M Johnson and Mark Fyfield were leading by 3 but still had two ends to play. Both ends went against us as Town scored a 3 followed by 2 to force the extra end.

The Kellow rink had been drawn to play the extra end before the match started, so after a 15 minute break from when they finished it was out on the rink again to complete the match.

Town had  first wood but after the first 3 on  each side had bowled Social held 4 shots which were all within a yard of the jack. Town skipper, Richard Burgin, drew a wood within 3 inches of the jack to hold shot. John matched his wood to leave a tight measure. Town were unable to alter the head with their final wood and the Social players agreed that it looked as if we held shot so we trusted the measure which was won by less than 1/4 inch.

Final will be against Kingsclere, who beat Alton in the other semi-final.

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