New Kit

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and and looking forward to the new season of bowls.

At the AGM we agreed to changing our club strip to a more modern one, to encourage younger and new members, as recommended by Bowls England, and others. 

The committee decided to give the task of sourcing clothing to a sub group, as with forty plus members we could end up with numerous designs to choose from.

The committee have agreed the following strip was the nicest and picks up on our club colours, and is modern and practical. The shirt has a navy collar and sleeves and the trousers or shorts will also be in navy blue. By using these colours this allows us to register them with Bowls England and we can wear them at nearly all games.

It was agreed by the committee that the club would provide your first shirt free of charge as part of your membership fee. Navy trousers/shorts can be purchased from various retailers including Aceit who are supplying the shirts. Aceit can also supply jackets to match, if required.

We will be getting samples for people to try for size so we can place an order as soon as possible.

I will be writing to you again shortly to inform you about the club opening etc.


Flo Ward


Just in case you were thinking of ordering new trousers or shorts, please note Aceit require you to buy a shirt before you can order these.

The actual colour is Dark Navy.

The club should be able to place an order for them together with the shirts.

I will require payment for the trousers or shorts before I place an order. I will advise on price as soon as I know.


Flo Ward