Club Competition Rules

Alton Social Club Competition Rules

  • National, County and district competitions take preference.
  • The challenger (top name) should offer two dates. One of which should be a weekend.
  • The challenger should make the arrangements for the game.
  • All rounds should be played by the play by date. NO EXTENTIONS WILL BE GIVEN.
  • Competition rinks should be drawn except in the Ladies and Men Championship where the challenger (top name) gets preference.
  • The players that take part in the first game constitute the team. A maximum of one substitute may be used as long as they have not entered the competition.
  • All singles matches will be 4 bowls and first to 21 shots.
  • Pairs competitions (except Aussie Pairs and One Day 4 wood open pairs – which will have own rules on the day) will be 4 bowls each player and 18 ends.
  • Open Novice Singles – This competition is open to anyone who has not won any outdoor bowls competitions and has joined the club within the last 5 years.
  • Please put all score cards in plastic wallet on notice board.
  • Club Championship can only be entered at one club. Anyone found to have entered from multiple clubs will be removed from the draw.