Men’s Top Club

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if unavailable contact Dave Atwell 07984 883325

Please tick sheet outside club to let captain know you have seen that you have been selected.

Sunday :  26th May , Home to Oakley, 6.00pm start, Club Colours.

NB:  No food at this game             Meet at Club         Woods on Green 5.45pm

2 Wood Singles (21 ends) Pos   4 Wood Singles (21 shots) Pos
Ashley Nethercliffe 1   Leo May 1
4 Wood Pairs (18 ends) Pos   2 Wood Fours (18 ends) Pos
Leigh Allen 1   David Cooper 1
Matt Carr Skip   Danny Brown 2
      John Kellow 3
3 Wood Triples (18 ends) Pos   Dave Atwell* Skip
James Shillingford 1      
Reece Graham 2   Reserves:  From List  
Mark Fyfield Skip