Mixed Top Club

Cards with *  

if unavailable contact Alice Atwell 07717 121031 or 01252 722043

Please tick sheet outside club to let captain know you have seen that you have been selected.

Sunday :  30th June, Away to Basingstoke Town,10am start,  Navy and Club Shirts.   

No food at this game             Woods on Green 10.45am

Ladies Singles (21 shots) Pos   Men’s Singles (21 shots) Pos
From List Below 1   From List Below 1
Mixed Pair (21 ends) Pos   Mixed Four (21 ends) Pos
From List Below 1   From List Below 1
  Skip     2
Mixed Triple (18 ends) Pos     Skip
From  List Below 1      
Alice Atwell, Dave Atwell, 2   Reserves:  From List  
Claire Flannigan, Leo May, Skip      
Kate Fyfield, Richard Burgin,     Captain: Alice Atwell  
Matt Carr, Lesley Johnson,        

Margaret Holden, Mark Fyfield, JohnKellow.