Friendly Team Selection

Cards with *  

if unavailable contact Gary Johnson 01420 82388

Please tick sheet outside club to let captain know you have seen that you have been selected.

Saturday : 26th June, Away to Cove, 2.30pm start,  18 ends, Club Colours.

NB:  No food at this game             Meet at Clubhouse 1.30pm   Woods on green 2.15pm

Rink 1 Pos   Rink 2 Pos
Flo Ward 1   Alan Penfold 1
Marjorie Rowledge 2   Ken Ward 2
  Skip   Marc Gorman Skip
Rink 3 Pos   Rink 4 Pos
Jenny Winder 1     1
Prue Pointer 2     2
Gary C Johnson * Skip     Skip