Friendly Team Selection

Cards with *  

if unavailable contact Angie Knight. (Friendly Captain) 01420 257946 or 07715 670215

Please tick sheet outside club to let captain know you have seen that you have been selected.

Sunday 20th July, Away to Seale and Sands, 3.00pm start,  18 ends, Club Colours.

Meet at Clubhouse   2.00pm   Woods on green 2.45pm

Rink 1 Pos   Rink 2 Pos
Oskar Olejarka 1   Gilli Firmager 1
Cheryl Ekblad 2   Karen Sampson 2
David Cooper Skip   Caroline Goodeve Skip
Rink 3 Pos   Rink 4 Pos
Alan Penfold 1     1
Patricia Brooks 2     2
Angie Knight* Skip     Skip

Reserves:    Lewis Fernyhough