Welfare Policy

Welfare Policy for Alton Social Bowling Club

(Proposed by John Kellow and approved by Committee on 9th September 2019)

Policy Statement 

Alton Social Bowling Club believes that everyone involved in bowls should thrive, fare well and enjoy safety, security and protection from abuse, maltreatment or misconduct. 

Every individual involved in Alton Social Bowling Club is responsible for upholding this belief.   

Alton Social Bowling Club also recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure the highest standard of care to all (including young people and/or vulnerable adults) involved in bowls. 

This Welfare Policy is further enhanced by the Club’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (Section 1.2).  Welfare Policy   The ‘golden rule’ for all involved in bowls in relation to welfare and protection is that it is not your responsibility to judge whether or not a welfare violation has taken place but it is your responsibility to act on any concerns you may have.   

Alton Social Bowling Club will: 

Accept the moral and legal responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care for all people (including young adults) within the sport, safeguard their well-being and protect them from abuse.  

Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of people taking part in bowls including young people, disabled and/or vulnerable adults.  

Recruit, train and supervise volunteers to adopt best practice in all equality issues, to safeguard and protect young people from abuse, and themselves against false allegations.  

Require coaches/volunteers to adopt and abide by the welfare policy and procedures, codes of conduct and investigatory, grievance, disciplinary and appeal procedures.  

Respond to any allegations appropriately and implement the appropriate disciplinary and appeals procedures.  

 Principles Safety– The welfare of the bowler will always be paramount.  Equality – The right of everyone involved in bowls to equitable treatment, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation or social background, will be upheld.  Responsiveness – All allegations or suspicions of abuse or violations of bowler welfare will be taken seriously and acted upon appropriately and speedily. Those found to be spreading malicious or false allegations will be disciplined according to the relevant procedures. 

Consent – Those with parental responsibility will be consulted if it becomes necessary to invoke the procedures that accompany ‘Bowls Welfare’ Fairness – The human rights of coaches or volunteers facing allegations will be embodied in disciplinary and appeals procedures.