Petersfield Cup

Cards with *  

If unavailable contact: Dave Atwell 07984 883325

Please tick sheet outside club to show captain that you know that you have been selected.

Monday: 22nd July, Home to Alton , 6.16pm start,  Ends as below,  Navy & Club Shirts

Meet Clubhouse         Woods on Green 9.45am

Rink 1 Pos   Rink 2 Pos
 PAIRS  21 ends     TRIPLES – 18 ends  
Prue Pointer 1   Marjorie Rowledge 1
Gary M Johnson Skip   Aki Atkins 2
      Graham Sampson Skip
Rink 3 Pos      
RINK – 21 ends        
Jenny Winder 1      
Sandy Crocker 2      
Bill McEwan 3      
Eric Phillips Skip      
Reserve:  From List