Hants & Berks Cup

Cards with *  Dick Holden

if unavailable contact Dick Holden 01420 563111 or 07778 125398

Please tick sheet outside club to let captain know you have seen that you have been selected.

Sunday 8th August:  Home to Kingsclere,  10.00m start,  21 ends, Whites, Club Shirts.

NB:  No food at this game             Meet 9.30am     

Rink 1 Pos   Rink 2 Pos
Reece Graham 1   Gary C Johnson 1
Gary M Johnson 2   Marc Gorman 2
John Kellow 3   Gordon Summerhill 3
Mark Fyfield Skip   Dave Atwell Skip
Rink 3 Pos      
Geoff Topp 1      
Derek Ham 2      
Ian Urquhart 3      
Adam White Skip