General Information

General Information

All Alton Social Bowling Club members should note that the use of mobile phones during a match is not allowed. Please ensure that phones are switched off during play. Using your phone could result in your team forfeiting the match!

A list for those wishing to play in each fixture will be on display at least two weeks before the match – PLEASE add your name to it!

The teams are usually selected by the preceding Wednesday, so ensure that you check to see if you are down to play or be reserve

Friendly Fixtures: 

Triples matches held most weekends on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 3:00pm (unless otherwise stated on fixture card).

We usually play two matches against each of the other clubs – one at Home, one Away. These are friendly games, so new members are more than welcome to join in. The dress code (Whites or Greys) is also given for each fixture.

Tea follows the match and, for home games, each player brings food for two people to save any one person having to do all the catering.

You may be asked to do a tea duty stint during the season. Please see Tea Rota to find out when it is your turn.

Raffles are held at all home matches & Raffle Prizes are always welcome!