Club Two Fours

Cards with *  

If unavailable contact Adam White

Please tick sheet outside club to show captain that you know that you have been selected.

Sunday: 29th May, Away to Oakley,  10.00am start, Club Colours

No Food for this game.                       Meet 9.00am

Rink 1 Pos   Rink 2 Pos
Reece Graham 1   Eric Phillips 1
Gary M Johnson 2   Danny Brown 2
Dave Atwell 3   Mehdi Akkouh 3
Mark Fyfield Skip   Adam White * Skip
Reserve:  All available members     SEE NOTE BELOW  

Please Note: – The selection for this competition WILL change for each round, with venue, form and weather taken into consideration. We have a very large squad and will be used regardless of how well people play.