Birds Pecking Holes in Green

Hi members,

As you will be aware the birds are pecking holes in the green again. They are after Shafer grubs to eat which are buried in the soil, the grubs can damage the roots of the grass so in a way they are warning us of the presence of the grubs, which is good, I Think (always look for the positive).
I have ordered some nematodes, when I say some I mean 6 packs of 250 million nematodes per pack, which Eric and I will apply in two lots, these little beasts will eat all the grubs.  Unfortunately you can only apply these at certain times of the year, like now,  and again in 14 days time, and we will see the benefit next year not now. We have to keep the green moist to keep then alive and help them travel around underground, which will not be a problem currently.
The greenskeepers are repairing damage every time we cut the green and on some other occasions, however we cannot keep up with the birds.
What can you do to help.
When you come to play if there are holes on the green, I have left a brush, bucket and a shovel under the eaves at the side of clubhouse where we keep machines, you can use this to sweep up debris. Also there is a container with top dressing and seed which you can use to fill holes (there is a little trowel to help in the container), but do not create a bump/hill. Surface should be flat or slight depression just press in with your foot and scuff the surface.
Sorry that this is happening, but that’s nature.
Ken Ward

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