Green Sweeping

At this time of year and over the winter, the green can get problems (such as Moss and Redthread) due to water/moisture lying on the grass all day.
Having the moss & redthread leads to dead patches and uneven surfaces, which in turn creates bumps and varying speeds for players.

To help overcome this we swish/sweep the green over the winter months in the mornings to get rid of excess moisture. This year we are already having issues.

The green keepers sweep the green on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we are looking for volunteers to to do the same on the spare days of the week starting ASAP.
Obviously you would only sweep the green when it is not raining, frosty or snowing so that rules out quite a few days that you will not have to do it and missing an odd day for an appointment is OK.
Sweeping the green with the large greens brush takes about 10/15 mins and should be done in the early morning eg between 8am to 10am.

If you would like to volunteer for this please advise and which day you prefer. Your duty would start ASAP and and go on until the bowls season starts again in Spring 2024.

Training can be given if required and will take approximately 10 Minutes.

Kenneth Ward
01420 543662

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